About Kelly McCoy

Kelly McCoy began her journey with the healing arts in 2007 when she was introduced to Reiki, a Japanese word that roughly translates to universal life energy. Students are taught to access and transfer such energy. Kelly remembers as a child being sensitive to other’s energy, and over time, she has been able to better understand her gifts. While learning about Reiki, Kelly felt called to enter massage school and graduated with 600 hours and a 4.0 from South Carolina School of Massage and Esthetics in 2008. She began her business plan for The Whole You while in school and has watched her idea slowly grow over the years. She has 3 children and a loving husband that have supported and encouraged her along the way while providing the necessary challenges and demands for growth. Yoga rounds out her expertise in the healing arts and she has studied both Hatha and Kunga Yoga with 200 and 300 hour trainings over the last decade. She has found a passion for teaching and helping others to discover their own inner teacher and oasis of wellness. Yogic teachings tell us about Prana, a Sanskrit word for life force or vital principle, and how to establish and stay in complete health by keeping these energies balanced. During these challenging times, Kelly feels the need to share her knowledge and experience of recovery and healing with others.