After a deep tissue massage from Kelly, I feel for the first time in months that I can move freely again. She has a profoundly caring, healing touch. I can’t wait for my next session.

Sherry Roberts

Kelly is wonderful! My recent massage was an unexpected gift, a surprise I walked right into after an injury, a stressful week, and a four hour drive with a two year old. Needless to say, a massage was nice; but a massage from Kelly, especially, was restorative. She immediately helps you to relax (check out her scented salves, too!), and then quickly gets in tune with your body and it’s needs. Honestly, I think she helped “fix” me after my back injury—in one massage. I kept waiting for the tightness to come back… but it never did❤️.

Kathryn Smith

I had the most wonderful therapeutic massage last evening. Kelly is extremely gifted and we are so blessed to have her in our area! I highly recommend her massage therapy!

Patricia Farrell

Kelly did more than just a massage, which was probably the best one I have ever had, her energy was so powerful and her yoga instructions to get me started was just what I needed. She really cares about you and her heart is there to help, thank you

Debbie Ryker

I received a massage from Kelly and she is an incredible massage therapist. It had been seven years or more since my last massage and I’m so happy that I took the time for myself to do this. I had so much tightness and pain on my right side from demonstrating yoga poses. Whatever she did worked. I feel amazing. Thank you Kelly. You are so kind and gifted. Five star recommendation ❤️.

Shannon Bragg Hardwicke

What a wonderful and relaxing massage. All my tension is gone and I feel great! Thank you Kelly for such a relaxing and peaceful evening.

Meredith Glenn McGrady